• Company: Oxfam
  • Location: Ghana
  • State: Accra
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Job category: Advertising / Media Jobs in Ghana

Oxfam is a rights-based global development organization with more than 70 years of experience in more than 90 countries worldwide. Oxfam’s mission is to end the injustice of poverty and inequality through systemic change and the advancement of political, economic and social rights. Oxfam has been working in Ghana since 1986, managing programs related to food security and livelihoods, universal access to education and healthcare and transparency and accountability in extractive industries (mining, oil and gas).

Oxfam’s experience in Ghana and strong partnerships with government institutions, Ghanaian civil society organizations and NGOs supports the delivery of active and innovative programs and advocacy work seeking to improve the livelihoods of Ghanaians and strengthen citizen accountability. Oxfam in Ghana currently works in 11 out of Ghana’s 16 administrative regions.

Job Description

Oxfam in GhanaTerms of Reference (ToR) for English French and English-Portuguese TranslatorBackground

Education Out Loud (EOL) which is the Global Partnership for Education’s fund for advocacy and social accountability supports civil society to be active and influential in shaping education policy to better meet the needs of communities, especially of vulnerable and marginalized populations.EOL aims to enhance civil society capacities to engage in education sector planning, policy dialogue and monitoring and to promote transparency and accountability of national education sector policy. It also seeks to create a stronger global and regional enabling environment for civil society advocacy and transparency efforts in education.


Translation of EOL communication material and any other EOL documents shared with the Consultant for translation.

Scope of Work The translator will undertake the following duties and responsibilities: and will be expected to;

  • Make written translation of EOL documents and submit translation in word processed documents;
  • All texts, including texts contained in figures, boxes, captions, sources and covers are to be translated by the Consultant
  • Proofread and edit the translated documents
  • Share draft translations with assigned EOL Accra RMU Representatives;
  • Incorporate suggested changes from the EOL Accra RMU Representatives to the translation
  • Ensure high quality and accuracy of the entire translated documents before submission to the EOL Accra RMU Representatives
  • Ensure accuracy of the terms and terminology used in the translated documents
  • Ensure that the translation is written with specified style, correct grammar and spelling
  • Maximum percentage margin of errors per page should not be more than 3 errors.
  • Ensure completion and delivery of the work within the stipulated timeline/deadlines in the work order.
  • The translated materials should be provided to Oxfam/EOL RMU Accra after completion of the required services in soft copy

Expected Outputs The Consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs:

  • Professionally translated documents from/to French and Portuguese
  • Technically, linguistically, grammatically correct, and error free translated documents that meet high quality standards and would not require further editing after completion of translation.

Required Skills or Experience

  • At least a degree in International Relations, Foreign Languages (preferably French and or Portuguese), Development studies, Business, Linguistics or any equivalent course
  • At least 5 years of professional experience translating for Non-Governmental or Governmental organizations
  • Demonstrated good understanding of technical terms and terminology used in development
  • Proven skills in translation and interpretation into French OR into Portuguese in the development arena
  • Professional certificate or diploma in translation will be an added advantage

Contract Duration and Conditions

  • This service shall be contracted for 1 year (One year),
  • The service contract shall not be on retainer basis
  • Payment to the Consultant shall be as and when translation services are rendered by the Consultant based on the pre-agreed rates


  • The project team, partners and GPE
  • The translator shall work with the EOL Regional Management Unit and Oxfam in Ghana’s Procurement Representative

Method of Application


  • We will use open tendering to invite bids from individual consultants who have the experience and skills described above.

Expression of interest should include:

  1. A cover letter introducing the consultant and how the skills and competencies described above are met, with concrete examples.
  2. A 2-page outline of how the consultant understands the above expectations and feels she/he can meet the needs
  3. A quotation for 1-page translation of a technical document. Please specify the number of words

Role of Oxfam/EOL RMU Representatives

  • Share project documentation to be translated
  • Provide explanation of background and key terms when necessary
  • Review translated work and provide feedback
  • Ensure timely payment after reception of satisfactory deliverables

Interested persons should email their response to ghadverts@oxfam.org.uk by close of business on May 4, 2020