Role Profile

Job Title: Facilities Officer

Reports To: Operations Manager

Direct Reports: Labourers, Cleaners, Gardeners, Grounds supervisors

Location: Dawa

Date: June 2020

Overview: As the Facilities Officer, you would be responsible for ensuring effective and efficient management of the facilities in our quest to attract more clients to populate the facilities. You will serve as the main Site officer and the go-to person for site visits.


• Daily physical site inspection on ongoing works i.e. clearing of land, laying of service lines, surveillance on encroachment

• Assist Walk-in clients in site inspection

• Prepare and monitor a data base on all prospective tenants for regular follow ups

• Monitoring of land use in the light of the master plan to ensure that the right things are done

• Monitoring the progress of all site works making sure it is completed on schedule and within budget

• Responding to land enquiries on site and also referring same to the Sales Executives for completion of land sales

• Responding to phone calls on land enquiries

• Supervision in establishing land scaping works

• Responsible for day to day supervision of Security Guards, Laborer’s and other Grounds workers to ensure value for money

• Submit a monthly activity report on all activities carried out during the month for discussion with the Operations Manager

• To support the Operations Manager in all her activities

• Ensure that all issues pertaining to office buildings and compounds are addressed to ensure proper functioning of all buildings.

• Maintain, store and update all important documents with respect to contracts, titles and agreements

• Present annual reports to management on state of land, properties, rentals and sales issues.


• Monitor and supervise all repair works to ensure timely completion and within the approved cost

• Follow up on all demand notices for the payment of ground rent, water bills and any other payment that will be due for payment by clients

• Monitor the supply of water in the enclave to ensure regular supply to all clients in the enclave

• To ensure all statutory payments and bills due from the company are paid on time.

• Liaise with sub-lessee/ tenants in the enclave to ensure their concerns are addresses on time

• Management of all fixed assets (office buildings) under the enclave

• Oversees cleaning, property rates, electricity, water, security and other domestic issues on all office buildings and compounds

• Supervise facilities management unit and ensure that the maintenance work plan and all agreement with service providers are in place.

• Ensure the payment of all utility bills, ground rents etc on properties

• Make recommendation to management on the conformance of buildings with standard operational and safety requirements

• Direct preventative repairs and maintenance procedures to ensure that buildings and equipment are well maintained.

Location: Dawa

How To Apply For The Job

Interested candidate should send their CVs

Closing Date: 07 July, 2020