LADA Group Management & Business Development

Accra & Tema Region

Full Time

Job Summary

Performs the duties of a Manager

  • Minimum Qualification: MBA / MSc
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

  • To generally carry out duties as may be expected in the post of the 0level of an Associate.
  • To carry out duties as may be expected in the post of Manager, Project Development Manager and Project Coordinator as spelt out below in ‘performance objectives’ below.
  • To write reports and proposals under assigned project of the Group, and particularly to produce, either alone or in association with others, reports, proposals, concept notes, work plans and budgets, articles, and other documentations required by either Project Coordinators or Project Managers for planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating the operations of projects.
  • To work conscientiously within team(s), and to portray good attitude, respect, and acceptable professional conducts expected of an Associate, Projects Development Manager and Project Coordinator.
  • To at all times exercise respect and empathy to all staff, clients and stakeholders of the organization.
  • To scout/find projects in line with LADA Institute’s strategy for development and execution.
  • Will be required to take on similar management duties for Law and Development Associate (LADA Consult) Manager role and deputize accordingly.

 Qualification and Requirements

  • Abilities: Use initiative, decide priorities, lead and mentor team.
  • High standard of education in appropriate NGO, business or legal field (preferably MBA/LLM) and administration qualifications or similar.
  • At least 5 years post degree relevant experience in similar capacity.
  • Skills: Advance use of Microsoft Office tools, high Level Business report writing and presentation skills, good organizer, and good interpersonal relations.
  • High standard of education in appropriate NGO, business or legal field (preferably MBA/LLM) and administration qualifications or similar.
  • Key Capabilities: In-depth research ability, Project conception and development, monitoring and implementation, advocacy and fund- raising.
  • Professional and technical knowledge acquired by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices and participating in professional societies.
  • Embodies and lives the values of the organization as well as have the ability to inspire other employees to embody and live the company values.

Performance Objectives Manager, LADA Institute

Mentor (development driven) the entire not for profit subsidiary to achieve the objectives of LADA Institute and expected to specifically to achieve the following;

  • Meet the annual revenue target set for the subsidiary and spend within the approved operational and client approved budgets.
  • Procure and executes project and trainings as set by the Strategic Plan for the NGO, capable of generating 50% of the set annual additional revenue target.
  • Progress projects and trainings under his/her supervision to achieve the set annual target on prorated basis and Gantt/monitoring milestones and, ensure teams and project managers meet the timeframe set for projects and trainings, especially stakeholder agreed reporting deadlines.
  • Mentor the Project Development and Implementation Managers and Project Coordinators and train teams, employees, pupils and interns to aid and enhance their Personal and Professional Development.
  • Ensure that projects and consultancies are executed to the set LADA Group quality benchmarks and are winning in nature.
  • Successfully mentor the managers and coordinators and train interns and pupils received by the Group.
  • Ensure the achievement of the set pass mark for S.O.M requirements as will be outlined in your KPIs.

Project Development and Implementation Manager

Coach and supervise the Project Coordinators, pool of associates, employees, pupils, interns and teams and support them in achieving the objectives of the subsidiary and by so doing, specifically to achieve the following;

  • Contribute to achieving the revenue target set by the Board for LADA Institute as allocated by the Manager.
  • Procure new projects for the Group to a level capable of augmenting existing revenue streams to generate 25% of the additional revenue target set for the subsidiary.
  • Conceptualize, develop, research, write and present excellent project proposals, MOUs, EOI plans, develop and maintain new and existing strategic relationships to ensure project plans are approved and won with external stakeholders for execution by LADA Institute.
  • Progress development and implementation milestones under his/her supervision to achieve the set targets and meet Gantt monitoring milestones and ensuring Project Coordinators and respective teams meet set timelines, especially stakeholder agreed reporting deadlines.
  • Effectively owning client/partner relationships from start to successful finishing and advocating for all stakeholders throughout both the onboarding and off boarding processes.
  • Coach all Project Coordinators and all teams under direct supervision to ensure all development and implementations processes are well executed continuously to the set quality benchmarks outlined by the Group.
  • Ensure the achievement of the set pass mark for S.O.M requirements as will be outlined in your KPIs.

Project Coordinator

Strategically and effectively coordinate all project activities of project teams and by so doing specifically achieve the following;

  • Contribute to achieving the revenue target set for LADA Institute as allocated by the Manager and Project Managers, by procuring new projects capable of positively affecting LADA Institutes financial targets.
  • Effectively maintaining and monitoring project plans, deadlines, schedules, budgets and expenditures in line with Gantt monitoring milestones, spending guide and approved project budgets.
  • Strategically assessing project risk issues, providing and executing effective solutions in consultation with the Manager and Project Managers in timely fashion.
  • Ensure all project adhere to frameworks, quality benchmarks and that all documentation is maintained in hard form and ERS’d appropriately and within timeframes set.
  • Supervise and train all team members, interns, pupils and national service personnel to help them attain their developmental goals and also help in ingraining the LADA way of executing projects to meet technical objectives so as to maintain the LADA’s organizational working culture.
  • Ensure the achievement of the set pass mark for S.O.M requirements as will be outlined in your KPIs.

 Note: Please send a cover letter and a recent CV to